Why check up after a car accident is a life changing decision?

check up after a car accident

Even though you attempt your best to drive safely and responsibly, it is wise to perceive what emergency actions are required if you end up in a car accident. Car accidents can prove to be both minor and catastrophic in nature. But in order to determine that the person involved in an accident does not sustain a major injury, it is crucial to have a check up after a car accident.

Car accidents can be terrible, but to overcome the results properly, here are some useful tips:


Facing medical problems

Disregarding the fact that the collision was minor and both cars sustained insignificant damage, that doesn’t mean you should not get concerned about a potential injury.

In car accidents involving side impact collisions, your head can hit a window or a door frame, but the impact is so quick that you may not even realise it. On the other hand, a rear impact collision can inflict severe torsion to your head and neck.

Similarly, a trauma to the upper spine or a serious head blow can also be caused by a car collision, when you are short on time to brace yourself for the impact.

Occasionally, there are some cases of injuries in which pain began to arise hours or even days after an accident. Many people are unaware of the fact that there are some chemicals and hormones present in our body that immobilises pain when we are in a high-stress state or raised adrenaline.

Whether it is minor or a major accident, injuries can still take place so you should respond to the signs hinted by your body and have a check up after a car accident.


Nature of injuries caused by a car accident

The part of a body which is most likely to get troubled by a car accident is the spinal column and the muscles supporting it. The most common back and neck injuries influenced by a car accident are disc injuries, over- extension injuries, and muscle strains.

So it is advised to keep an eye out for numbness or stiffness in your back and neck, any trouble with the range of motion, and certainly look out for any signs of pain and discomfort.

Another good reason to have a check up after a car accident is to avoid facing the injuries which may not show any visible symptoms like headaches, and soft tissue injuries.


Get a check up after a car accident immediately

People become victims of fraud because they get themselves diagnosed by a doctor or report injuries way after the accident happened. The safest and secure way to prevent facing any legal issues after the accident is to immediately get yourself checked out by a doctor.

Waiting for numerous days after the accident took place to receive medical care will make it harder to justify that the injuries are an outcome of a car collision.


Visiting a doctor shortly after a car accident is the most crucial thing to do to prevent long lasting injuries and the quicker you visit a doctor the lesser the chances of facing legal problems. To prepare yourself well before facing a car crash, learn how to contact emergency service in Malaga.