Regular check up’s with a gynecologist in Marbella

gynecologist in Marbella

Maintaining your overall health will have high importance for any woman. This is especially true if you are going to be spending a long time holidaying in Marbella, or if you are now living in Marbella without regular access to your normal doctor. It is important that you book regular visits to see a gynecologist in Marbella to avoid any unnecessary visits back home for a check up. A gynecologist can detect and treat any issues and problems concerned with women’s health which will help to prevent potential  health issues further down the line.


Importance of visiting a gynecologist


Any doctor will tell you that if you avoid regularly seeing your gynecologist  for important regular exams, then this will increase any woman’s risk factors for delays in detection and diagnosis of potential health problems. Without question, early detection of gynecological health issues will increase your overall levels of health and wellbeing.


Benefits of gynecological exams


There are many benefits of regularly visiting your gynecologist:

  • Regular examinations catch diseases at an earlier stage, so increasing chances of improving your health quickly;
  • Regular checks can help you to make more informed birth control options;
  • You can get medical help to deal with life limiting issues with menstruation;
  • Unexplained breast pain can be examined and explained;
  • Thyroid and Cholesterol levels can be regulated.

By regularly visiting a gynecologist, on a yearly basis, it will lead to the prevention of future health issues and enable you to spot any risk factors better. It will allow you to foster a relationship with your gynecologist which will be an important factor for a lot of women, particularly if pregnancy is a future consideration.



What happens during an Exam?


Your gynecologist will need to take a comprehensive family medical history, conduct a full physical exam, and perhaps even perform a Pap smear. For women in their 40’s, a mammogram will also be conducted. Most importantly, a gynecologist  will instruct you on how to best perform a breast exam on yourself. The conversation around birth control, managing any symptoms of menopause, issues with osteoporosis, female nutrition, and pregnancy can all occur guided by you at your check up. It should be said that it is very normal to feel apprehensive, embarrassed and nervous about breast and pelvic exams. All the same, it is important to try and not worry about your visit to your gynecologist in Marbella. These are routine exams for your doctor and many women are frequently surprised and relieved to discover that the exams are quick, discrete and relatively painless.


Where to find a gynecologist in Marbella


You really should have a routine gynecologist every year. This will help to prevent troublesome health problems, offer you an early detection mechanism for serious problems, and a  medical check in Malaga can give you valuable guidance on your health for the future. Finding a gynecologist in Marbella has been made simple as you can find a highly qualified professional gynecologist at Helicopteros Sanitarios.

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