Make The Most Of Mindfulness For Stress Reduction

Mindfulness for stress reduction

Mindfulness is fast becoming one of the most common techniques for handling stress, and as such, there are a number of different ways that mindfulness can be used to help you reduce your stress levels. Because stress can have such an impact on our everyday lives, with a number of symptoms including increased anger and/or anxiety, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, breathlessness and chest pains, it’s something that needs to be treated as soon as possible and in a way that will not only help reduce your current stress levels, but will also help you fight off stress in the future. As well as impacting on people’s health and wellbeing, being stressed can also have a damaging impact on your relationships and social life. Here we take a look at some of the top ways you can use mindfulness for stress reduction.


1. Focus Mindfulness

This particular form of mindfulness involves practising mindfulness for stress reduction with an emphasis on focus. This revolves around looking inward to observe what is happening in your own mind. The aim is to draw your focus to one thought or experience to prevent your head buzzing with multiple concerns or worries. To maintain this focus it can help if you use a particular stimulus, such as your breathing to ground yourself in the moment.

2. Awareness Mindfulness

This form of mindfulness for stress reduction is quite different to focusing as it instead emphasises the external rather than internal. Awareness helps you to focus your mind just like focus mindfulness, but it does this by using an outside perspective.

In general terms, awareness can be identified as observing your thoughts and feelings from outside of your self, observing your mind without attaching judgement to your thoughts.

3. Object Meditation

Take an object that is special to you or that has particularly interesting features. Focus your senses on the object and note even the tiniest detail that your senses feedback to you. This could be anything from its shape, size, texture, colour or even the sounds it makes as you touch and manipulate it.

4. Mindfulness Stretching

You can practice mindfulness for stress reduction through stretching too. Any kind of stretch can help, but yoga is a great guided stretching practice that can help you stretch the entirety of your body.

5. Worry “Surfing”

Another great way to use mindfulness for stress reduction is to look at your thoughts and feelings as a wave that you can surf on. Turn your attention to the warning signs that a negative feeling such as anxiety or stress produces and picture it as a wave coming towards you, Imagine that, just like a wave, it gets bigger as it approaches and then falls finally as it moves away from you. This should help you when imagining riding the wave of emotion as it passes and helps you to let the negative emotion go.

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