Radio frequency facelift treatment

Radio frequency facelift treatment

As many of us do, when you eventually reach the time when you know that your skin needs that all important wake-up call, radio frequency facelift treatment will be the tried and tested procedure for you. Radiofrequency is a pain-free and easy way to help you to give your face a more toned and smooth look.


What is a radio frequency facelift treatment?

Frequently represented as a non-surgical facelift, the radio frequency face lift treatment delivers heat energy into the skin on your face which then goes on to stimulate collagen. This leaves you with a tighter, more lifted, and glowing complexion.

It is an effective treatment for many issues including treatment of:

  • Loss of your body’s natural contours;
  • Cellulite;
  • Loose skin;
  • Fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Recovery after pregnancy;
  • Effects after surgery.

The radiofrequency treatment delivers its controlled heat to independent layers of your skin harnessing the effect of both Unipolar and Bipolar Radiofrequency. This unique dual technology treatment is then effective on the delicate skin on your face. Radio frequency facelift treatment helps to improve the shape of your face as well as the firmness of the skin by utilising electromagnetic fields to generate enough heat and friction in the deepest layers of the facial skin. Radio frequency facelift treatment also increases the metabolism of the skin and secretion of fat to improve the look of wrinkles.


What happens during radio frequency facelift treatment


Following your initial consultation with a medically trained highly skilled practitioner, they will carry out your facial treatment on the same day. One session can take up to a minimum of 45 minutes, depending upon your needs and the actual size of the facial area that needs to be treated. The treatment is simple and it is a comfortable process to go through a radio frequency facelift treatment.


Is radio frequency facelift a safe treatment?

Radiofrequency is considered to be an entirely safe procedure and incorporates all of the necessary safety precautions that you would expect. At the most, the radio frequency facelift will cause a little redness but this should last for no more than a day.  You will be able to continue to participate in your daily activities again immediately after the procedure as there will be no downtime required. Minimal or almost no discomfort will be experienced with Radiofrequency treatment, with many people usually describing the treatment procedure as feeling as if they are having a ‘warm massage’. Of course, individuals have varying pain thresholds but on the whole, people will find this treatment very tolerable.


Results of the treatment


A course of radio frequency facelift treatments is normally required. Significant results will start to show during the progress of your treatment. Your medical practitioner will need to assess the exact number of treatments that you will have to undergo for optimum results to be achieved, but this is commonly a series of 6 treatments of therapy.

A radio frequency facelift treatment is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for people who are looking to rejuvenate the look of their face. Surgery in Marbella can give you a new lease of life in minimal time with little disruption.