What is a radiofrequency neurotomy procedure

radiofrequency neurotomy procedure

Becoming more and more well known, the Radiofrequency neurotomy procedure is a medical treatment that is used to reduce both back and neck pain. It works when heat created by radio waves is channelled towards targeted nerves which then interferes with their capability to transfer pain signals. The Radiofrequency neurotomy procedure aims to temporarily cut down on chronic pain in the back or neck which has not been relieved by medications or the use of physical therapy.


How does the radiofrequency neurotomy procedure work


Radio waves are transmitted to the nerves through needles which are inserted through a person’s skin just above the spine. Imaging is used during the radiofrequency neurotomy procedure to assist doctors to position these needles meticulously. Although not for everybody, the Radiofrequency neurotomy procedure is a useful treatment for back and neck pain. Prior testing is usually required to find out if the nerves normally targeted by radiofrequency neurotomy are actually the same nerves which are accountable for your back pain. The Radiofrequency neurotomy procedure is always carried out by doctors who are pain treatment specialists. It is a procedure that is commonly recommended to treat neck pain caused by whiplash.


Radiofrequency neurotomy procedure is used for back pain that:

  • Feels worse if you twist your body or lift an object;
  • Is active on one or both sides of the lower back;
  • Extends into the thighs but not normally below the knee;
  • Feels better when you lie down.


During the radiofrequency neurotomy procedure

Radiofrequency neurotomy procedure is usually completed on an outpatient basis, so you are able to go home the same day as it normally takes less than an hour. After the procedure, you will be allowed to rest until you feel as if you ready to go home. It is possible that you will notice some soreness in the back and neck areas, especially where the needles were inserted, however this pain will normally go away within a couple of days. There are lots of self-care activities that you can do when you get home to help the healing process. It can be helpful to use an ice pack wrapped in a towel and placed on the injection sites if you are feeling any discomfort. Doctors recommend that you should use an ice pack a number of times a day for 20-minute bursts during the first 24 hours after your radiofrequency neurotomy procedure. Avoid heating the area of the injection sites by not using heating pads or hot baths for a few days after treatment.


Results of the treatment


Radiofrequency can work better for some individuals than others depending on the severity of symptoms. A major factor in determining success is whether or not the nerves that are targeted by the procedure are going to be the same nerves that are answerable for your pain. Symptom relief from this treatment can be temporary, but it often gives patients around six months of pain relief. The treatments can be repeated over and over again and they generally have similar pain relief results. A radiofrequency neurotomy procedure is overall a useful treatment for many offered at a hospital on the Costal del Sol.


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