The importance of a Pediatric check up

Pediatric check up

Regular Pediatric check-ups provide you with an ongoing record of your children’s general health. They help you to identify anything that needs to be treated in order to avoid more health issues further down the road. A Pediatric check up is a must for every child to have on a regular basis.


A Pediatric check-up ensures that your child will get all the preventive care options essential to help ward off the onset of more serious diseases. This may include having vaccines for diseases that can cause major long-term complications. A regular Pediatric check also makes certain that your child is reaching those all-important developmental milestones. These milestones in learning, social interaction, behaviour and other areas of life are inherent to healthy functioning, both in childhood but also in preparation for adulthood. Put simply, by ensuring that your child has a Pediatric check-up, this is one of the most crucial steps you can take in helping your child to enjoy a healthy life for many more years in the future.


School Health check up


Many schools do provide general health screenings for a small number of medical and health issues, but these are not anywhere near as comprehensive as a doctor’s Pediatric check up. While school health checks will have an essential role in distinguishing some large population health issues for students, they will be no substitute for the in-depth and personalised health exam provided in a hospital.



What happens in a pediatric check-up?


A Pediatric check up will begin with a complete medical history for your child. This will include a look at illnesses and surgeries your child has had, as well as important health information from other family members to help identify potential risk factors. The exam itself comprehensively includes weight and height measurements, evaluations of the reflexes, a blood pressure reading, a hearing check, evaluations of the heart, check of the abdomen for swellings or tenderness, and other tests based on your child’s needs. Vaccines will be given in accordance with established schedules.



Why does my child need a Pediatric check up?


All children really do need to have a pediatric physical exam at least once a year. An annual Pediatric check-up will ensure that your child is illness free. When your child is showing signs of developing behind expected milestones, your pediatrician can rapidly identify any potential issues early with a Pediatric check up to prevent complications. Some illnesses do not have apparent symptoms and might only be noticed by the experienced eye of a doctor.

Pediatric check-ups are a great time to assess the family medical history and will allow doctors to give parents age-appropriate safety information so they can access the best resources for taking care of children. In addition, a Pediatric check up will always be needed if your child would like to take up a specific sport at school as they will need to have a physical exam and check up performed.


The importance of a Pediatric check up can not be underestimated so ensure that you visit your Hospital in Malaga.