What to do after a traffic accident

What to do after a traffic accident

No one likes to think about it, but unfortunately, car accidents do sometimes happen. This makes it important to know what to do after a traffic accident. This is because if you follow the right steps straight off after a car accident, it is possible to stop a bad situation getting worse.


Immediate action


However insignificant you think a traffic accident is, it is imperative that you stop. If you are driving, ensure that your engine is turned off and you alert other road users in warning. Call the emergency services straight away. As well as requesting an ambulance it is also necessary if anyone has been injured to call the police as soon as you are able to. You need to stop even if you crash into something on the road where no other people are involved.


What to do after a traffic accident:

  • Never leave the scene of an accident, even a minor one;
  • Protect the area -ensure you and anyone else is safe;
  • Call the emergency services – ask for both the police and an ambulance;
  • If possible, make a record of the scene- take pictures;
  • Exchange information with all parties involved if no one is seriously hurt;
  • Seek appropriate medical attention as soon as you can.


What to do after a traffic accident if you feel fine

After a traffic accident, it is very natural to feel  extremely overwhelmed with the events that have taken place. Your initial instinct will probably be to try to minimise the seriousness of the situation. Nevertheless, it is vital to realise that for many, it is still possible that you have sustained an injury even when you still feel fine after a traffic accident. It is important to seek medical attention just to check your health is fine.

Very often symptoms of any injuries that have been sustained are not immediately visible. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms after a traffic accident these could all be signs of a potential injury. These signs can occur directly after an accident or they appear several days or  weeks later:-

  • Pain in any area of the body;
  • Numbness in limbs;
  • Dizziness as a result of head injuries.


What to do after a traffic accident


Aches and Pain Treatment after a Traffic Accident

Muscle aches and pains are usually the first symptoms that will appear after a traffic accident. Pain may start immediately after your accident, or it may start to occur a few days later. You should always be examined by a doctor after a traffic accident. Muscle injury is normally seen in the neck. Treatments can include laser therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation and assist the damaged muscles to heal more speedy.  Rehabilitation of damaged muscles can also be treated with Therapeutic Exercises to restore motion and strength. Muscle pain is not something that will “just go away” and unless correctly rehabilitated it might cause more issue in the future.

It is important to remember what to do after a traffic accident for everyone’s benefit, but you must also get a medical check on the Costa del Sol.


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